Wall Street Business Camps

The DryErase Academy

The DryErase Academy Business camps are tailored for middle school and high school students looking to use the case study method traditionally used in MBA programs to better understand business fundamentals and strategy. 
Throughout the week, we’ll mix in role-playing, case studies, theory, and applying these lessons to real-world business scenarios. 
All case studies have been written by our ivy-league educated instructors specifically for a middle school and high school audience and focus on topics and ventures that are of interest to students. 


DryErase Ventures HQ

(Wall Street)

48 Wall Street (Floor 11)

New York, NY 10005

Grade Level

Middle School: 

Rising 5th – 8th Grade

High School: 

Rising 9th – 12th Grade

* Each session will have two cohorts based on grade level


Monday – Friday :

August 15th – August 19th



Monday – Friday

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
Office Hours:

Monday – Friday



Early Business Exposure

Students will have the opportunity to learn about various successful (and not-so-successful) enterprises and how to analyze business decisions.

Strategic Thinking

Our curriculum incorporates time to develop student’s strategic thinking that is not only applicable to business, but also their personal decision making and planning. 

Better Communication

Students will develop communication skills by learning how to refine their ideas and convey them in a manner that is persuasive and effective. There will be plenty of opportunities for them to practice public speaking and deliberation.

Custom Platform

We use a custom platform that allows students to watch recorded lectures, complete group activities, online games/puzzles, and submit all assignments from their tablet or computer during all of our in-person lectures.

Flexible Approach

The DryErase Academy was created with flexibility in mind. Our programs are recorded live which allows for clarification of earlier topics covered in class while ensuring students never miss any materials covered in class.



Priten Shah

Entrepreneurship & Education

Seasoned entrepreneur focused on developing products that will impact generations to come.

Harvard Bachelor’s/Master’s in Education

Kirk Aleman

Entrepreneurship & Finance

Strategist that incorporates the fundamental of finance to forge the road of entrepreneurship.

CUNY Bachelor’s/Harvard Master’s in Finance