High School Tutoring

The DryErase Academy

The DryErase Academy was created out of the necessity of the unprecedented times we have all been living in.
High school parents and students across the country have realized they need all the help possible navigating this ever-changing landscape of learning. Whether your student’s classes are now completely online or some sort of a combination of in-person and online learning, understanding how stressful this can be, we’ve created the DryErase Academy to make supplemental learning seamless.
Our tutors will guide you through your academic journey and there are virtually no questions that we can’t help with. 

High School Sample Subjects Covered


  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics/AP Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus/AP Calculus


  • Environmental Science (Earth Science)
  • Biology/AP Biology
  • Chemistry/AP Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics/AP Physics


  • World History/AP World History
  • US History/AP US History
  • US Government and Civics/AP US Government and Civics


  • Microeconomics/AP Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics/AP Macroeconomics
  • Finance
  • Capital Markets

Computer Science/Programming

  • Introduction to Java Script/HTML/CSS/SQL
  • Javascript: Drawing and Animation
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript: Making Webpages
  • SQL: Querying and Managing Data
  • Advanced Javascript: Games & Visualizations, Natural Simulations
  • HTML/Javascript: Making Webpages Interactive

College Admissions

  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Test
  • ACT
  • College Admissions Bootcamp
  • College Admissions Writing

How Our Tutoring Services Work

AI-Powered Tutor Matching

Our AI-powered matching tool will pair your student with the perfect mentor for their particular needs based on their age, grade level, region, skill level, and experience with tutoring. We aim to make the learning experience as comfortable as possible for your student by matching them to the best DryErase Academy tutor available.

Seamless Tutoring Experience

Our tutors use one of the most advanced remote learning systems currently available. The DryErase Academy tutoring system uses video chat (tutoring sessions will be recorded), live text chat, virtual whiteboards, screen sharing/screen take-over, assessment tools, and many more to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Analysis of the Tutoring Session

When the session is completed, you will be able to download the lesson so that your student can go back and review what they learned earlier in the session. Students will have the opportunity to continue with the same tutor following their session or choose a new tutor based on their preferences and comfort level with the tutor. 

Why Choose The DryErase Academy Tutors

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our tutors conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess your child’s current subject mastery, in order to give instructors a baseline of where to start. This helps guarantee that students will be helped with the areas in which they struggle rather than where they already succeed.

Focusing on Strengths/Areas of Opportunities

By identifying the students’ strengths and areas for improvement, our tutors will be able to quickly understand your student’s particular strengths and identify the areas in which the student needs the most improvement/help from our tutors.

Plan of Action

We work hand in hand with your student to create a plan of action to manage their schedule, complete assignments in a timely manner, stay on track of projects, and the areas of opportunity identified in order to create a long-term solution to the problem areas identified. 

Tailored Adaptive Tutoring

After your student has their first tutoring session, our tutors are trained to tailor their teachings in order to best suit the method of learning for your student as they continue work together. We provide feedback forms for the tutors to be filled out by parents/students in order to further the tailored learning.

Flexible Approach

The DryErase Academy offers both in-person and online tutoring with flexibility in mind. Our online tutoring uses video chat (tutoring session will be recorded), live text chat, virtual whiteboards, screen sharing/screen take-over, assessment tools, and many more to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Typical Questions Asked by High School Parents & Students

Homework Help Question
I’m almost done with an assignment, but I’m stuck on the last question. Can you help walk me through the problem?
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Math Help Question
I have a huge math test coming up and I’m afraid I didn’t learn enough in class. Would a SuperTutor help me catch up?
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Science Help Question
My physics teacher seems to make the class really difficult and I’m afraid that I won’t do well. How can you make this less difficult for me to understand?
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AP Class Help
My child’s teacher wants them to consider taking an AP course next year, but my child doesn’t feel ready, can a SuperTutor help get my child ready?
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Classes Extra Help Question
I feel like my class is moving too fast and I can’t keep up, I need someone to help me stay on top of my classes.
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Time Management Help Question
I have a lot going one with school: classes, extracurricular activities, and enrichment classes and I feel like I’m drowning. I need help with my time management.
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College Applications/Essay Help
College applications are almost due and I need someone to review my essays, help!
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College Admissions Help
I want to apply to several colleges but some seem like reach schools for me, I need some guidance on what to do.
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SAT/ACT Help Question
I am going to take the SAT/ACT soon and I am really nervous about it. What are some strategies to maximize my score?
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SAT Subject Test Question
I’ve been told I should take as many SAT subject tests as possible, but I feel like I may be overwhelmed. What should I do? How should I study for them?
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Priten Shah

Entrepreneurship & Education

Seasoned entrepreneur focused on developing products that will impact generations to come.

Harvard Bachelor’s/Master’s in Education

Kirk Aleman

Entrepreneurship & Finance

Strategist that incorporates the fundamental of finance to forge the road of entrepreneurship.

CUNY Bachelor’s/Harvard Master’s in Finance