Frequently Asked Questions

The DryErase Academy


Why use The DryErase Academy?

The DryErase Academy was created to provide elite instruction to students by exposing them to real-life case studies, applying them to role play situations, and getting them to think outside of the box. Led exclusively by ivy-league educated instructors.

Where is your camp located?

The DryErase Academy entrepreneurship camp will take place at our HQ at 48 Wall Street (Floor 11), New York, NY 10005.

What hours should I expect my student to be at camp?

Students will be at camp from the hours of 9am – 4pm. However, parents/guardians can begin to picking up students at 3:30 as the last half hour will be reserved for the students to review on their own with the instructors being able to answer any questions.

Will lunch be provided for students?

Students will be provided lunch daily by the camp’s staff. We will send out a form for you to fill out before the commencement of camp to let us know of any dietary restrictions to your student.

What tools will students need during the camp?

All we require students to bring with them during camp will be a laptop or tablet with access to the internet (Wifi access codes will be provided by us).

Is Financial Aid available?

We provide needs-based financial aid on a case by case basis, please fill out this for here and we will reach out to you with details on how we can help.

How do I go about contacting the camp's staff should I have a question?

You can reach us at for any questions you may have regarding the camp or your student