Frequently Asked Questions

The DryErase Academy


Why use The DryErase Academy?

Our staff is comprised of highly vetted, qualified tutors from the top universities in the nation. Given their experience, our tutors are able to provide a unique experience to students that is unrivaled by the vast majority of tutoring services. Our AI-powered matching tool will match your student to the best SuperTutor for their individual needs.

How does the tutoring work?

We offer asynchronous and live tutoring help, allowing us the ability to adjust to your student’s schedule, working around the most convenient time for them. You can live text chat, video call, or some combination of both, depending on the type of package that you choose.

What tools does my student need in order to use The DryErase Academy tutoring services?

Students will need access to a computer (laptop, desktop), tablet, or mobile phone that has an internet browser. When the student is conducting an individualized tutoring session, we require that students have access to one of the above tools that have a working camera/microphone that they can use to communicate with their tutor during the session.

What tools are used to tutor students?

Our tutors have access to some of the most advanced remote learning tools available such as our customized platform, virtual whiteboard, text chat, built-in video calls, screen sharing/screen take-over, and many other tools.

How are submitted questions answered?

We have various ways of quickly answering your questions, depending on the varying level of difficulty or length of explanation. We will answer your question using our live text chat or record a video answering your question in detail (allowing you to view it at your own pace).

Are office hours available?

Our instructors will have virtual office hours between the hours of 6pm – 10pm EST, Monday – Friday.

What are the benefits of getting a tutor for my child?

Tutoring does not necessarily mean that your student is struggling with school. There are a whole host of reasons as to why your student may need tutoring ranging from extra help with assignments, schedule management, new learning environment, remote learning struggles, strengthening skills, learning new concepts, getting better prepared for exams, and developing solid study habits to ensure success in school.

I'd like to sign my child up for individualized tutoring, how do I go about that?

Signing up for 1-on-1 tutoring with The DryErase Academy is easy, just log in to our platform at, click on the link to individualized tutoring, choose the date/time, subject/subjects you’d like to cover, enter the student’s details, and you’re all set. Our system will pair you with the best tutor for your student.

If I sign-up for individualized tutoring, will my student have access to the lesson later?

Our individualized tutoring sessions are designed so that students can get the most out of their live sessions while also being able to refer back to the session should they want to further explore what they learned. 

While the lesson is being held, it is recorded. Once the lesson is completed, the student will have the ability to download the recorded session to refer back to the lesson in the future.

How do we access your online portal?

The programs can be accessed through the online portal we will provide you once you register for any of our programs. In this portal, you will be able to access the current week’s assignments/activities and view past sessions for review if needed. You will also be able to access the pre-recorded lessons that will need to be completed before the next day’s lecture in order to fully grasp the day’s topic.

What tools does my student need in order to thrive in your camps?

Our programs use a blended approach of live instruction mixed with pre-recorded lessons. Given this, the student will need access to a device that has access to the internet. No preferences as to what kind of device is used, but our students in the past have found that using a desktop/laptop or tablet to be the most helpful due to screen size.