College Admissions

The DryErase Academy
The DryErase Academy college admissions instructors will get you prepared to navigate the complex world of admissions tests, college applications, and the admissions process. 
All of our college admissions sessions will be led by ivy-league educated instructors, trained by our team at the DryErase Academy. Given the caliber of our staff, we are confident that they will help you have a smooth transition to excel in your college admissions process.


Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our camps will expose students to what it really means to be an entrepreneur and give them the tools to succeed should they choose to take that path or apply it to a future field of their choice. 

Learn from Expert Practioners

Our experts are current seasoned entrepreneurs that know the ins and outs of starting your own company and the pitfalls that you should avoid along your journey. 

Real-Time Experience

Our students learn about the skills and expertise necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur but we will actually put these skills to the test by having them formulate their own startup idea and pitch them to a panel of startup experts. 

Custom Platform

We use a custom platform that allows students to watch recorded lectures, complete group activities, online games/puzzles, and submit all assignments from their tablet or computer during all of our in-person lectures.

Flexible Approach

The DryErase Academy was created with flexibility in mind. Our programs are recorded live which allows for clarification of earlier topics covered in class while ensuring students never miss any materials covered in class.


our instructors

Priten Shah

Entrepreneurship & Education

Seasoned entrepreneur focused on developing products that will impact generations to come.

Harvard Bachelor’s/Master’s in Education

Kirk Aleman

Entrepreneurship & Finance

Strategist that incorporates the fundamental of finance to forge the road of entrepreneurship.

CUNY Bachelor’s/Harvard Master’s in Finance